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  • I want to rent an apartment. Why choose Iridium?
    We have the largest inventory of the nicest apartments geared towards NYC Commuters. Also our relationships with landlords & management companies makes the process SIMPLE, quick and easy!
  • Is there a broker fee?
    NO! We are not brokers or realtors. we are hired by the landlord to manage their leasing, so there is no extra fees. We also deal with Volume which is why we usually have the best deals/promotions on apartments.
  • Is there an application fee?
    Yes, there is a $20 background check fee, one application works for all of our properties-so you only have to apply once!
  • What does the background check include?
    It runs a comprehensive nationwide eviction & criminal search it also runs a credit check.
  • Is the credit check a hard inquiry?
    No, our background checks will NOT affect your credit score-it is a soft inquiry!
  • What do I need in order to rent through Iridium?
    You will need to complete the online rental application, pay the $20.00 background check fee, provide 3 most recent paystubs of all job(s)/applicant(s), State Issued Photo ID & Social Security Card.
  • When is the best time to contact Iridium for an apartment?
    Within 30 days of your move in date, as all of our apartments rent very fast! We also can NOT hold apartments for more than 30 days.
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